Where is the strap made?

All Tilde products are handcrafted in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

What are the straps made of?

The straps are a combination of: industrial strength nylon, viscose rayon embroidery thread, and high-quality artisan leather (or synthetic leather if you choose a ‘vegan’ strap).

How do I order something?

Use the current inventory link to choose a piece in stock or make a custom order. If you are a qualified retailer you can fill out a wholesale application here. You can also visit find us for the nearest retailer to you and look out for our blog updates on any special events or markets we might be at.

Can I personalize a strap?

We are not accepting any personalized orders at this time.

What if I want a special design on my strap?

The design page exhibits our current designs options. As we develop new designs we will update this catalog. At this time we cannot accept any requests for special designs not in the catalog.

Can I buy direct from you?

Yes! Just click here

Can you make me a strap for my gym bag?

Maybe. We’re always interested in hearing ideas for new Tilde lines. We can’t guarentee you that we’ll make it, but it could be something that’s on our wish list or is already in a development stage. Contact us and tell us what you’re thinking and we’ll let you know if there’s a possibility for it.

Our band wants identical straps, can you do it?

They will be pretty close, but honestly they won’t be totally identical. The nature of the craftmanship means that no two straps are exactly alike. The variations are due to the patterns, colors, textures and human hands used to produce the straps. So while you can request six lime green peacock straps, know that there will be some variance in feather shape, beak length, and eye ball size.

How do you ship?

To increase shipping efficiency all Tilde pieces are sent from Guatemala to the United States. Once there, orders are shipped Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays using USPS Priority Mail. In the US, once processed packages normally arrive in 1-3 days, overseas orders can take 10-15 days (even to Canada, where it may get stopped in customs). We take great care to make sure your package arrives as fast and sound as possible after processing, but once it’s in USPS hands we don’t have control over any delays (trust me, if I could control snow storms I would). If you prefer an upgrade shipping method message us before your purchase.
**Ordering from outside the US? Please keep in mind your place of residence may charge customs duties or taxes. You are solely responsible for paying these charges, they are not included in the product price/delivery charge.**

Do you have a refund policy?

We want to make sure you are happy with your new Tilde so please if you have ANY questions or concerns before your purchase, let us know. As a general policy all sales are final. We will reimburse shipping and accept exchanges only on new, unused products that for some reason are deemed defective upon delivery (that means to make this claim, you must contact us within 3 days of delivery date). For any issues or concerns, please write to info@tildeboutique.com.

I think it’s time to clean my strap/collar/belt…how should I do it?

Like any piece of art when it comes to cleaning any Tilde product the key is to be “gentle”. In general laundry machines and dishwashers are not considered gentle and neither option is good for the leather of your strap. To prevent wear down and premature fraying we suggest using a toothbrush to clean your piece. Some folks use a bit of gentle soap and water, others use baking soda and water, and if your really putting the love into this – for leather pieces, saddle soap is ideal. Once you finished with the brushing, pat dry the strap and leave it to air dry. It is important that it is 100% dry before you use it but do not set it in the sunlight (this dries out leather and can produce cracking).